Cathode Coating and Dopants Enabling Cobalt Free Batteries

The Limiting Factor reports that Tesla will use Polycrystal cathodes with new coatings and dopants to enable cobalt-free batteries with greater energy density and more charge cycles. This will be about a 4% improvement in material cost and energy density. The main improvement will be about a 7% gain from factory process improvement.

Single Crystal cathodes would have greater energy density but would have higher costs.

Research Papers on Polycrystal Cathodes, Coatings and Dopants

ACS Energy Letters – Beyond Doping and Coating: Prospective Strategies for Stable High-Capacity Layered Ni-Rich Cathodes

Advanced Energy Materials – Recent Progress and Perspective of Advanced High-Energy Co-Less Ni-Rich Cathodes for Li-Ion Batteries: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Journal of the Electrochemical Society – Is Cobalt Needed in Ni-Rich Positive Electrode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries?

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Written By Brian Wang,

5 thoughts on “Cathode Coating and Dopants Enabling Cobalt Free Batteries”

  1. They didn't say the single crystal cathodes would be cheaper, they said that the cobalt free cathodes would be cheaper. The 5th image shows an estimated 3% cost savings.

  2. "Single Crystal cathodes would have greater energy density but would have higher costs."
    Where did it say they are cheaper?

  3. LiFePo4 cells are already available to purchase via Aliexpress with around 800wh/280AH at a cost of $70 per cell, lookup EVE Energy

    Our individual perception of how things are moving along, does not always match the reality of progress unless we are directly involved or focused on that progress

  4. Add it in to the total. Yet another small improvement making battery technology even more robust and efficient. Oh, and cheaper.

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