Tesla Has Plaid and Plaid Plus Model S and Plaid X For Sale

Tesla has the Plaid verson of Model S and X and they have Plaid Plus Model S as well. They have updated the interior with new design and new screens.

Tesla missed on earnings.

Tesla doubled its quarterly energy installations.

Plaid+ Upgrades

Quickest 0-60 mph and 1/4 mile acceleration of any production car ever
0-60 mph: <1.99s 1/4 mile: <9.0s 1,100+ horsepower Three high performance drive units Carbon-sleeved rotors Torque vectoring The new model S has 22 speakers. The Plaid Plus model S has 520 miles of range and Plain Model S has 390 mile range.

Written By Brian Wang, Nextbigfuture.com (Brian has shares os Tesla)

19 thoughts on “Tesla Has Plaid and Plaid Plus Model S and Plaid X For Sale”

  1. Short selling, and the counter move of a short squeeze, have been absolutely standard operations in markets for hundreds of years.
    The term "bear" for prices going down is thought by some to originate in people short selling bear furs back when that was a significant part of American trade. That's how old this stuff is.

    The point being, that what we've seen in the past week is only special and new because the people participating were not wearing silk ties. And, admittedly, even that isn't completely new, the bear skin trade probably didn't feature too many fine clothes either.

  2. Fun to see a Dodge Demon owner see you pull up to him in the Plaid
    + Model S and him trying his best to avoid direct eye contact.

  3. They might need to change the name from Roadster to Whiplash Device with the cold thruster version of the car.

  4. With a 0-60 under two seconds, you can go hunting sport bikes, and come out ahead in a stop light Grand Prix.

  5. So acceleration is over 1 gee.
    13.3 m/s^2 according to he 0 to 60 mph time
    9.88 m/s^2 according to the 1/4 mile time.
    Where would you actually *use* that?

  6. I've been a fan of gas engine performance cars of all types for most of my life.

    But you can't argue with the performance, capabilities and technology of Tesla's vehicles.

    Elon has shown the world how to encourage fundamental change in society…not by law or ordering people to do it and not by fear or guilt….simply offer such a better product that the customer will WANT it over the alternatives.

    And how long has it taken them to do this, comparatively speaking? Blink of an eye. So you can imagine how much better they will get.

    I'm getting my plan together so that I can have one as soon as possible…I could have one of the lower end models now…but I have to have a model S.

    Brilliant man…and he's doing it in space as well…and energy…and several other fields.

  7. Do you mean Range Rover? Land Rovers are basic, utilitarian, tools used for people who needed off road capability and don't mind the occasional spectacular mechanical failure. (Mum finally sold her Landie and bought a Toyota Hilux.)

  8. Guess Plaid+ is getting those new batteries then. The acceleration is sick though. Plus, consider that the new Roadster will be trying to beat that too…

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