Reverse Engineering Real Alien Technology Could Take Hundreds of Years

Real aliens would have to travel over four light years to get here. They would outclass our technology by at least 100+ years and probably thousands of years. They would be able to do things with materials that we would not be able to reverse engineer without advanced molecular nanotechnology.

Considering how fast we could reverse engineer highly advanced technology. How fast could an isolated and uninformed country reverse engineer our technology?

We can look at the example of China. China had its first nuclear test in 1964. However, a nuclear fission weapon involves purifying uranium isotopes and getting a critical mass. The US had nuclear weapons in 1945. The first soviet test was 1949. The Soviet Union helped with some initial research, design, and production preparations. However, it later withdrew support at the last minute, and China had to rely on itself to complete the bomb. The Soviet Union was also engaged in test ban negotiations with the United States in 1959 in order to relax Soviet-American tensions, directly inhibiting the delivery of a prototype to China. Broader disagreements between Soviet and Chinese communist ideologies escalated mutual criticism. The Soviets responded by withdrawing the delivery of a prototype bomb and over 1,400 Russian advisers and technicians involved in 200 scientific projects in China meant to foster cooperation between the two countries.

There was Soviet and Chinese spying to uncover the secrets. This was a high priority effort to copy critical weapons technology. Twenty years with a lot of help, constant spying for information and a common base of science and technology.

China did not have a strategic bomber until 2007. China had assistance with bomber technology from the Soviets, Russians and has stolen aviation technology and information from the USA. China also acquired airplane technology from European suppliers. The US had a strategic bomber in 1942. The four engine B29 had 3200 miles of range. 5.4 tons of bomb payload over 1400 nautical miles. The B52 had a combat range of 4000 miles (now 8800 miles with improvements and refueling) and 30 tons of bomb payload. The 2007 Xian H-6 bomber had a range of 3200 nmi and a 12 ton payload. It took about 52 years to get close to the B-52.

China emerged from isolation in 1978. China had to engage with the world and catch up in technology.

It took the Soviets seven years to reverse engineer the US B29 bomber.

Copying the wide-body commercial jets has been far more difficult. There is metallurgy advances. There are complex engines. There are electronics. China has had economic catchup but has not been able to make competitive jet engines and cannot make a competitive wide body jet.

Chip technology is difficult to copy. There are complex lithography machines to be created. There is design software and production software. If it was to be created from scratch then there has to be all of the previous generations of lithography to build the improved computers and equipment to enable the next generation. It seems if there was no factories and spying possible (like copying alien technology) then a copier would need to create a lithography industry.

Seeing something that flies around with capabilities far beyond yours indicates that something is clearly possible. It becomes even more difficult if there are no visible moving parts and the method and mode of operation are unknown.

It took China until 1988 to enter the satellite launching business with a capable rocket. China’s rocket did not get reliable until after 1996. The US had a government contracted launch program starting starting in 1963 to launch commercial satellites. China has been about 25-50 years behind developments in the US Space program. The basic science and technology were well known.

The recent Pentagon acknowledged videos of unidentified aerial phenoma are suggesting that the systems might be leveraging gravity control. We have been trying to get good theories of gravity for many decades. There are no theories that would suggest we could reach capabilities to manipulate gravity.

Why Credible Alien Evidence Might Be Coming Now

The release of this information took the effort of Harry Reid when he was Senate majority leader from 2006 to 2016. Harry Reid had long been interested in UFOs. Two other former senators and top members of a defense spending subcommittee — Ted Stevens, an Alaska Republican, and Daniel K. Inouye, a Hawaii Democrat — also supported the program. Mr. Stevens died in 2010, and Mr. Inouye in 2012.

In 2007, while he was the Senate Majority Leader, he initiated the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program to study unidentified flying objects at the urging of Reid’s friend, Nevada billionaire and governmental contractor Robert Bigelow, and with support from the late senators Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) and Daniel Inouye (D-Hawaii), the program began in the DIA in 2007 and was budgeted $22 million over its five years of operation.

Former Nevada Senator Harry Reid has claimed that defense contractor Lockheed Martin may have had fragments of a crashed UFO in its possession.

Why do we have no record of visits. Any record before 1800 would be myths and magic stories which we could not interpret. Aliens may not have had an extensive interest in monitoring us. We do not visit every ant hill or mold colony on Earth. We are not interesting.

Visual evidence. The Death Star could constantly fly behind Saturn and we would not detect it most of the time. It could orbit Saturn and when would we be able to look at it closely enought to realize…”that’s no moon”. We are mostly blind and deaf to what is out in space. We need to put billions of 1-2 meter telescopes out at 500-1000AU to use gravitational lensing to observe other exoplanets and systems out to 100-1000 light-years in detail. 4 light day missions instead of 4-1000 lights years. After we have had billions of observation scopes map out and analyze atmospheres and surfaces down to 1 mile or lower resolution for a few decades then we will have better data about what is going on.

We could get to a gravitational lensing mission within about 8 years with reasonable concerted effort. A crash program could get to a launch in 4 years. The flight time would be 10-20 years.

The standard of proof for aliens needs to be high.

The weird psyop scenario seems to be discounted because of the time and effort taken by Harry Reid, Ted Stevens and other senators to get information uncovered.

Faked videos and a big prank like Piltdown man seems to not be the case because hundreds of videos over decades.

Secret military technology and operation scenario. This seems difficult to see how technology for 600G acceleration and zero to 13000 mph movement could have been secretly developed. However, this kind of scenario seems more possible than real aliens.

Last on the list is real aliens. If it is aliens then we can do nothing to them and if they do nothing but observe without engaging, we just keep working on better technology.

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