Debunking UFO Videos from the Pentagon

Thunderfoot analyzed some of the Pentagon UFO videos.

He looked at the height of the plane, worked out the height of the object and determined the speed of the object. His analysis seems to indicate the US fighter was able to autotrack a bird flying at high altitude. This could be an actual wild goose chase.

Other Pentagon videos are misidentification of planes.

We need to get the videos that they claim are better. Higher resolution is needed.

The “experts” did not have good understanding of how cameras work, the tracking capabilities of their plane, angles and altitude.

The fact that these are all blurry and there seems to be confusion or mistakes in measuring speed seems to explain what has been released so far.

The US personnel screwing up massively with bad math, makes sense. The blurry bird looking like the object makes sense.
The US gear being so good that it track a bird is interesting.

The other experts could still have good evidence, but the UAP side needs to provide better evidence.
They need to show synchronized video, radar and at least some high resolution evidence. The claims that something was in one location and then moved quickly needs to be confirmed with better evidence.

I have not seen any video that confirms the ultrafast movement and extreme acceleration.

SOURCES – Thunderfoot
Written By Brian Wang,

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