At Least 200 Gigawatts of China Nuclear Power by 2035

China is turning to increased nuclear power plans because of their coal and hydroelectric energy crisis. China has an energy crisis this year with droughts reducing hydro power by 30% and problems ramping up coal power.

China had slowed its nuclear power build after the 2011 Tsunami in Japan caused the Fukushima plant to fail. China is reviving and accelerating nuclear energy plans and will build at least 150 gigawatts of new nuclear power by 2035.

Low interest loans for 70% of the cost enables nuclear power to be built for about $42 per megawatt hour.

This build out will cost about $440 billion.

This would be up from earlier in 2021 when China was nuclear power plan was 70 GW by 2025 and 180 GW by 2035.

SOURCE- Bloomberg