US Will Pass 1 Million Covid Deaths in About Two Weeks

The CDC records 993.3 thousand cumulative US covid deaths as of May 3, 2022 data and John Hopkins reports just short of 995k cumulative US covid deaths.

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  1. If someone has been told every week for 50 years that they need to eat healthy and do exercise, then telling them twice a week for a year isn't going to do anything.

    And nobody believes that cloth mask garbage. Total fake news. A properly fitted P2 rated respirator is needed to protect (rather than just improve the odds), as everyone already knows.

    The cloth or paper masks are to reduce the chances of you coughing out a cloud of infectious droplets onto other people. As has been explained weekly since about march 2020.

  2. Is this a trick question? I live in America; where 74% of adults are overweight. If we have heard the messaging it clearly wasn't effective messaging. Lets do a desk top scientific study since your a doctor. How many times in the past two years have you heard "cloth mask"? How many times have you heard "eat healthy" Which one is almost completely ineffective? Which one is nearly 100% effective? Does this make it more clear for you?

  3. Where do you people live that you haven't been told for your entire life that it is vital to eat a healthy diet, do exercise, and maintain a healthy weight?

  4. Reduced social interactions make people LESS suicidal? Makes sense, depending who they were previously interacting with.

  5. I understand they have wildly different circumstances but they are very comparable in terms of deaths, 1 to 1 in fact. I think you are capable of reasoned thought, people like Rick C. are just pushing a political narrative while pretending to care about peoples lives. Look no further than the CDC and FDA for pushing the narrative. The CDC would mandate a useless cloth mask on airplanes between eating pretzels, they don't even try to mandate the scientifically proven N95. The FDA came out yesterday and says the J&J vax? Might want to lay off because of the blood clots. The political narrative around Covid is doing real harm when we have a real pandemic going. People are still wearing cloth masks like it is going to protect them. This horrible misinformation could get a comorbid person killed. We need less Rick C. and more impartial scientific facts. One of these facts is smoking will kill more people than Covid this year. Currently at around 400 Covid deaths per day in US. Smoking kills 1400 per day on average.

  6. I can't wait for the people charged with keeping us safe to confront China over their culpability in both the initial release and the coverup. Everyone agrees that China covered it up. Now why would they do that?

  7. Covid has about a 2% mortality rate when you have access to an intact, first world medical system. If the medical system had collapsed, as it was really close to in some places, we would have a situation of unchecked infections completely overwhelming everything. Lack of medical care counts as a preventable cause of excess deaths.

  8. Mea culpa, I saw you implicitly defending the original post and assumed you were the original author.

    That said, smoking and Covid really aren't comparable problems, so why expect similar approaches to solutions, let alone similar spending? We've fought smoking the way we have because the solution comparable to lockdown – prohibition – would simply create a new drug trafficking crime wave.

    Yes, about 80% of severe Covid patients have been overweight – but 75% of Americans are overweight. Significant, but not as dramatic as "80%" superficially implies.

  9. I never compared Covid and Flu. Covid deaths are 10x flu. We spent $5 trillion on Covid stimulus. We spend $0.0006 Trillion on anti smoking each year. Covid received 10,000x the spending for the same amount of deaths. My point is people act like they care about human life here. They do not care about human life, they care about political ideology. 80% of deaths from Covid were overweight. If we cared about life we would tell people to eat healthy and exercise. Instead we told them to mask up between bites of pretzels on airplanes.

  10. Agreed. However a lot of excess deaths were apparently due to secondary effects, e.g. people not getting important medical treatments.

    Interestingly, suicides apparently did NOT significantly increase, as was sometimes reported, often with the implication that lockdowns and reduced social interaction were at fault.

  11. Goalpost shifting.

    You started out wanting to imply that Covid deaths were no worse than the Flu in order to justify doing nothing. No one bought it.

    You shifted to cigarette deaths in order to accuse people of not caring about those, so you could criticize doing anything about Covid.

    But we've had decades of public anti-smoking programs and more recently law against smoking in public buildings. And as others have pointed out, choosing to start smoking and continuing it for the pleasure it apparently gives is not the same as being involuntarily infected with a disease.

    Want to argue for banning tobacco production and sales to make that more comprable to the response to Covid? Go for it – I'll bet at least half the people you think you had a 'gotcha' against would agree with you.

  12. There's that stupid excuse again. Yes, one is from an avoidable addiction, that we've had considerable success at stopping before the addiction takes hold…see falling cigarette sales. The other is from a virulent disease that doesn't care and will continue using its genetics to inflict death on its hosts.

  13. 500,000 people in the USA die from cigarettes per year. 500,000 per year have died from Covid. Do you give these the same serious thought are do you downplay one? Should we have a equal response in terms of News reporting or do smokers lives not matter because it was a choice and not a communicable disease?

  14. See WHO’s latest report on excess deaths? People don’t suddenly begin to perish in a huge die-off over average yearly recorded figures. Something always is the root cause. But (other) people will go their grave insisting Covid was nothing and barely deadly.

  15. Not exactly hard to look up. CDC reports ~12k to ~50k per year flu deaths. So not even in the same ballpark.

  16. During the early stages of the pandemic, there were reports of all around general mortality rates, compared to Covid deaths, and they showed as being much higher than average, indicating an under count of Covid related deaths. I wonder if this is still the case. If so, then the deaths would be much higher.

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