Elon Musk Describes Tesla Differences and Advantages

Elon Musk describes Tesla differences and advantages. This was highlighted with commentary from Dave Lee.

Typical OEMs (car makers) just assemble car parts made by suppliers and may make the engine.
Other carmakers do not write their own software.
OEMs use a car dealer network to sell and service their cars. Tesla sells and services all of its cars.

Tesla Charging Network
Tesla has built the largest and most advanced charging network which are equivalent to gas stations.

Tesla’s Superchargers cost no more than ~$43,000 per charger versus over $200,000 for the competition based on the documents in these applications to the Texas (TxVEMP) program. Some of the other applicants include big names in the charging industry like EVgo, Chargepoint, as well as many big gas station operators. Tesla makes Superchargers at Gigafactory New York and opened a new Supercharger factory in Shanghai. Tesla aims to ramp up to 10,000 Supercharging stalls per year.

Electrify America’s goal is to have 1,700 fast-charging stations (a total of around 10,000 individual chargers) built in the United States by 2025. In 2022, Electrify America has 670 charging stations (around 2,900 individual CCS fast chargers) available in the U.S. Tesla has 30,000 fast charging stations. Tesla charging is about twice as fast and half of the cost of Electrify America.

Other Advantages

Tesla has its advanced full self-driving system with 100,000+ beta users now and this could expand to 1 million users by the end of the year.
Tesla makes its own self-driving chip in its cars with greater energy efficiency.
Tesla makes its own Dojo AI training chip. This is the central training supercomputer that updates the overall AI.