Snapshot of Crypto Exchanges and Distributed Exchanges

Here is a snapshot of the top 13 or so crypto exchanges for cryptocurrency, crypto exchanges for derivatives and distributed exchanges.

Various exchanges already had problems before the recent collapse of FTX. Voyager went under. Now Genesis has frozen withdrawals. is in danger.’s Cronos token (CRO), fell 55% in a week before getting some relief over the last day. There’s been a parabolic trend of withdrawals — a bank run — on the exchange over the last two days with the CEO doing the media rounds to assure everyone that withdrawals are processing fine and that they will survive.

BlockFi has suspended withdrawals.

The recommendations from crypto people is to have no coins or crypto assets in any exchanges but to use cold wallets.

9 thoughts on “Snapshot of Crypto Exchanges and Distributed Exchanges”

  1. Some people will always refuse to recognize that the emperor is wearing no clothes.

    There are many ways to invest that are relatively easy to understand, offer substantial ROI, aren’t nearly so volatile, and where there is far less disagreement on if the investment has any real value at all.

    Friends don’t let friends invest in crypto . . . unless the friend is really determined. And then? Hey, you did your best.

  2. Aside from organized crime, who cares?

    Crypto is good at turning electricity into heat, taking money from gullible people, and facilitating crime by making it easy for anyone to hide money transfers.

    Good riddance.

    • As an investment vehicle, the U.S. will probably regulate cryptocurrency as it relates to something like mutual funds so that there is no repeat of this. It might actually make cryptocurrency stronger in the end. The destruction of something like FTX is likely to expose other scams which should have been exposed years ago. Thankfully, cryptocurrency trading will never be regulated to the point of something like day trading stocks. That would be tragic, since it has the ability to lift anyone with who learns how to accurately trade it, out of poverty.

      Do I think there should be more eco-friendly ways of mining it? Absolutely. I don’t mine it. I also want video card prices to not be inflated over it anymore. So, I hope this FTX thing also affects that. I would like a next gen nVidia card for less than $2K, please. And I don’t mean mid-range; I mean a top of the line card that I basically have to keep in an ice box so that I can have my 666 frames per second VR experience on full graphics settings. >:D

      • About 95% of GPU mining was on Ethereum, which stopped using GPUs a couple months ago. Now they’re using proof-of-stake with no mining at all, and the energy consumption of about a hundred average American households to run the whole network.

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