UFO Hearing Whistleblowers Claims US Has Remains of Crashed Aliens

Testimony in congress states that the U.S. recovered ‘non-human’ biological materials. They also claim that about 95% of UFO sightings are NOT reported.

United States Air Force (USAF) officer and former intelligence official David Grusch claimed that unnamed officials told him that the U.S. federal government maintains a highly secretive UFO recovery program and is in possession of “non-human” spacecraft and “dead pilots.”

23 thoughts on “UFO Hearing Whistleblowers Claims US Has Remains of Crashed Aliens”

  1. “But for these assertions to have any credibility, we need to see the bodies and the wrecked UAPs.”

    A hard core sceptic like Mick West or Michael Shermer would just decide that said bodies/wreckage was some kind of “dis-information”/hoax. “What is more likely? That we are being visited by “aliens” for God knows how long or that the government is lying to us to get more money?”

  2. “Non-human biological material” could just as easily mean a test aircraft crashed in a field and hit a cow. It’s a bit of a jump to assume an extraterrestrial origin.

  3. That they not only crash crash but have dead organic alien pilots in them – that we’ve collected – is a sad 1950s Hollywood inspired joke. Amazing anyone takes this at all seriously.

    • What’s sad is we’ve reached a point where people aren’t afraid to testify about this in front of congress.

  4. I still find it funny that UFOs are so rare in Europe or Japan. Those are rich democratic countries that not only see less UFOs than the US, are they are mostly ignoring all of this.

    Even if all militaries in the world are participating in this conspiracy, why aren´t there whistleblowers elsewhere? Why aren´t there congressmen or parliament members elsewhere demanding answers?

  5. I’ve seen UFOs. But, honestly, the U merely stand for unidentified (by me). I do not believe they were aliens.

    Also, take a look at Gulf Breeze, Florida, which some consider the UFO capital of the world. It’s on the coast with all kinds of weird weather, it’s adjacent to the Pensacola Naval Air station with all kinds of naval and air activity, it’s surrounded by hundreds of helicopter training sites for the Army’s helicopter training facilities in Fort Rucker, Alabama, it’s just down the road from Eglin Air Force Base, a base the size of Rhode Island and home of Air Force Special Operations, and there are tons of bogs and swamps around that are producing who knows what kind of effects.

    People are silly. Bring me aliens (dead or alive) and machinery (working or not). I don’t really care to assign any credence to much of anything else.

  6. I question the timing of this story. Given all the important stories that we are told to ignore, now we have one that tops the headlines, sucking all the oxygen out of the room.

  7. If I were to do a diamond hard story on ET bodies recovered…I’d have 1972’s Daylight Fireball be a Bracewell….later recovered by a shuttle orbiter…the STS just being a Glomar.

  8. Crashed UFO spacecraft??? Our planes rarely crashed these days and we are hundreds if not thousands years before we reach technology for interstellar travel. Imagine how safe our planes/rockets will be then. We also did not crash on our first human trip to the moon 50 years ago. Are we sure we want to copy their technology?

    • Great comment, I had exactly the same thought: would a very advanced civilization travel lightyears to earth, and then spontaneously crash like a bunch of bungling amateurs?
      First of all: they would most likely use unmanned robotprobes plus orbiting observation. The whole idea of little aliens flying around is actually quite primitive.
      And the idea of space-brothers coming to help is, as some people believe, is outright pseudo-religious.
      UFOs/UAPs are the religion of our time.

    • Perhaps there is inherent instability with their high energy craft and this is why they are piloted by synthetic crews? Or maybe they are trying to speed up our civilization with crashed, staged gifts? Or deceive us? If this is really happening, of course we are going to look at their technology.

    • LOL, exactly what I always comment on several Youtube videos mentioning this.

      But consider some of them did not crash by themselves, but were downed by our aircraft since the 50s.

      Like an Apache helicopter being downed by stone age people throwing arrows and peebles with slings at it.

      Ok, I will be open minded, they ARE ALIEN.

      But realistically, in that case: don´t COPY that tech! It’s like that submarine that got crushed when visiting Titanic!

    • It’s because they never invented transistors. Running star ships full of endless vacuum tubes is extremely challenging.

  9. Given just about everyone on this planet has a phone with a camera, there should be thousands of clear images of UAPs. Yet, we still don’t have anything conclusive. Just the same old grainy, inconclusive footage.

    • There are some good videos on YouTube debunking that black grainy images as a jet exhaust heat signature seen in infrared camera.

    • wait until stable diffusion is more available. Then suddenly there will be “recorded” sightings

  10. I remain skeptical of both claims of UFOs and Room Temperature Superconductors, both seem to have more probable and disappointing explanations than what’s claimed.

    The UFO claims are just orders of magnitude less likely.

    The superconductor claims are most likely just honest mistakes by over eager scientists rather than deliberate fraud.

  11. Whenever I here politicians or people connected to politics or the media pointing at God, UFOs… anything in the sky, I assume they are wanting people to not be looking at what is going on near the ground.

    Anybody in power caught with a minor or getting audited recently?

    • Given what I have seen recently going from conspiracy theory to maybe true, to confirmed fact, I can’t dismiss a cover-up operation anymore.

      E.g. the SARS-COV2 virus being an escaped product of gain-of-function research is gaining a lot of weight of late, with several heavyweights on the international health scene possibly being involved, to avoid the public outcry and save their own guilty posteriors.

      • One conspiracy theory proving likely doesn’t mean they all (or literally any others) are, that’s a logical fallacy. The Earth is not flat, and man landed on the Moon, but JFK may have been killed by the CIA for example. Those are all totally unrelated and their credibility varies wildly.

    • I doubt that there is ever a single day when some faction in DC does not want the attention of US citizens diverted elsewhere.

  12. Still a lack of physical, tangible evidence and a lot of hot air.

    Additional fuzzy UAP videos aren’t any change from the previous situation, where the navy already grudgingly admitted they have recorded such anomalous objects and allowed to be designated as authors of the videos.

    That is, government bodies already admit such phenomenon as UAPs exist, which is a great, seismic change, don’t get me wrong.

    But for these assertions to have any credibility, we need to see the bodies and the wrecked UAPs.

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