50 Million Canadians by 2030 Can Surpass the GDP of France

Canada passed 40 million people just 75 days ago but is now on track to have added 300,000 people in 77 days. Canada was adding about 300,000 people each year from 2000 to 2010, but the pace of the last 75 days is 1.44 million people per year.

This pace of immigration will reach 50 million in 2030 and 64 million people by 2040. Canada has higher per capita income than France and could surpass France’s GDP in 2030 and would reach or surpass the population of France and the UK around 2040. Canada’s population would pass Germany in 2050.

Canada would go from 8% of US GDP now to 16-20% in 2050.

IF Canada follows this path then the country will be only behind the USA, China and India in GDP.

Canada would double its population in 2000 at just over 30 million by reaching 60 million in 2037.

The 20th century is largely characterized as the American Century where population more than tripled from 76 million in 1900 to 282 million in 2000. It was also where America achieved economic, political and technological dominance. Canada could have an impressive Canadian century in the 21st Century. This pace of immigration would see Canada reach 90 million people by 2060 and over 150 million by 2100.

This is especially impressive with populations around the world falling below replacement. Mothers are having far less than the two children needed to replace the mother and father.

There is only a global net migration of 4 million people. Canada is getting over 30% of the global immigrants who are willing to leave their home countries. There is a total of 10 million immigrants globally but 6 million are swapping between countries.

Canada is playing a winning strategy of skimming the professional and educated and affluent immigrants.

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  1. During the centennial of confederation, 1967, it was noted that Canada’s population had got up to 20 million. It was mentioned in the song written to celebrate the centennial.
    So a bit over 50 years to double the population.

  2. Very impressive, given Canada’s climate (cold). It’s helped by being next the U.S. And I daresay the U.S. has historically benefitted, more than many would realize, from being next to such a similar national neighbor.

      • Oh, is the rotational axis of the earth relative to the orbit of the sun changing? I hadn’t heard.

        Oh, you mean “climate change” formally known as “global warming”, which will eventually join the heap of theories past along with ozone holes and other doomsdays that never came to pass.

        • The ozone situation was avoided because of global action to regulate and limit emissions. And no one in Canada said “we only cause 2% of global ozone depleting emissions so why should we stop?”

          • If you actually listened to the ozone layer propaganda through the ’90s you would recall that the halogen radical was theorized to dwell for an extremely long time constant and basically break the O3 bonds all day long for years on end.

            Then, what happened? The hole began to close. Nobody knows why, but sure the “scientists” point to this as a success.

            Meanwhile, I just replaced my R12 central air unit (fabricated in 1998) in July 2022. R12 emissions would have been peaking around the time the ozone was repairing itself.

            You are a believer. You need to tune up your BS filter.

            PS: I could care less who Canada imports. It is interesting that the constituents are not asking for the changes.

            • Wiki page on R12 shows the atmospheric R12 running through a peak concentration 2002-2005 and maintaining a slowly decreasing almost plateau through the current time. You’re simply not paying attention if you think that phasing out R12 fixed the holes in the ozone.
              They’re phasing out R134a now.
              We’ll probably wind up using butane at some point.

        • Yes, as we all know it’s perfectly normal for the island of Maui to burn, or vast areas of Canada, or Australia, or Greece, or Siberia …

          Not being able to get fire insurance in California or flood insurance in Florida is perfectly normal.

          Food prices are not being affected by prolonged droughts and excessive heat.

          Those temperature readings that christened 2023 the hottest summer ever are all fake.

          • Maui did not fix its vegetation problem for years.

            Everybody Knew the Invasive Grass of Maui Posed a Deadly Fire Threat, but Few Acted. Warnings went unheeded about the abandoned plantations above Lahaina; buildup of vegetation fueled ‘catastrophic’ spread.

            Then during the fire the grid was not turned off and water was not diverted to fight the fire.

            Califonia has not fixed its dead tree problems for over a decade. Florida leads the way with controlled burns and burned more than 2 million acres last year. Why is California having less than 4 of the controlled burns of Florida (60,000 acres versus over 2 million)?


            Wildfire control protocols from 1977.

            Lisle R. Green, Supervisory Range Scientist
            Pacific Southwest Forest and Range Experiment Station
            Agriculture Handbook No. 499
            April 1977

            For over 100 years, there have been procedures around managing forests and using fire to clear out dead trees.

            Inflation –

            As of March 2021, COVID costs totaled $5.2 trillion. World War II cost $4.7 trillion (in today’s dollars).
            All-in money printing totaled $13 trillion: $5.2 for COVID + $4.5 for quantitative easing + $3 for infrastructure. Mountains of money cause inflation

          • If you haven’t noticed that there’s always a crisis, and that it’s always acute, you have some growing to do. You’re regurgitating globalist misanthropic talking points, and not thinking critically, recognizing the overtones of special interests that fund the agenda.

            We are in the middle of a Mid-Atlantic whale slaughter over windmills and Greenpeace hasn’t said a word about it. Whales are literally washing up in record numbers in New Jersey.

            Nobody wants the environment to get worse. Unfortunately you can’t trust the narrative. Just rest assured – there is no crisis other than extinction and pollution, and these have solutions on the shelf.

        • Obviously the following are nothing but a pack of lies.


          Most of the planet is covered by oceans, which have absorbed 90% of the recent warming caused by planet-warming gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. In April, global ocean temperature soared to 69.98 degrees Fahrenheit (21.1 degrees Celsius), which was attributed to the combination of greenhouse gas emissions and the early El Nino formation. Newly published data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service documented “exceptionally warm” ocean temperatures in the North Atlantic with “extreme” marine heat waves near Ireland, the U.K., and in the Baltic Sea.

          Several rounds of wildfire smoke originating from northern Canada brought dangerous air quality levels to eastern North America. The high levels of wildfire smoke have become familiar on the West Coast, but scientists say that climate change will make wildfires and smoke more likely and intense and that the East Coast will see more of it.

          The current El Nino — a period of warming Pacific Ocean waters — formed a month or two earlier than usual, replacing a La Nina that, with its cooling of Pacific waters, served as a damper on global temperatures. That means it will have more time than usual to strengthen. The World Meteorological Organization predicts there is a 98% chance that at least one of the next five years will be the warmest on record, beating 2016 when an exceptionally strong El Nino was present.

          Scientists are watching Antarctic sea ice shrink to record lows. The 4.5 million square miles (11.7 million square kilometers) covered by the sheet on June 27 was almost 1 million square miles (2.6 million square kilometers) less than average for that date for the period from 1981-2010, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Center. Put another way, an area nearly four times the size of Texas was gone from the ice sheet.

  3. As I predicted in a previous comment, Canada is moving to reduce the number of international student visas. This move is driven by a lack of housing.


    It doesn’t matter what immigration targets the federal government sets as long as municipal governments are allowed to maintain their defacto bans on housing construction.

    Immigration predictions are just a fantasy unless zoning laws are deKarenized.

  4. Canada gets much better immigrants than the US,I don’t mind letting in Canadians who want to come South a few miles, by a few miles,I mean 10 to 20,Canadians live very close to our border,and millions of Canadians live South of 10’s of thousands of Americans.
    Shame Joe Biden stabbed them in the back by cancelling Keystone 2,but he wants Iran and Russia to afford more drones to kill Europeans.

  5. Canada’s population increase is fine, but they are getting those numbers through a massive immigration push. Liberals like Justin may like it, but it’s destroying the country at the same time. Housing has went up more then anywhere else, and inflation is extremely bad. Hopefully they can replace Justin in next months election.

      • Are you serious?

        Do a little work with your fingers and your eyes and Google on “Canada homeless” before making racist accusations.

        Never mind that this is the same country that almost tore itself in three over French versus English a few years back.

      • The country has a culture. Immigrants must remain a minority in order to maintain that culture. It is desirable/preferable for immigrants to assimilate into the functioning culture rather than to relocate the dysfunctional culture to the new host country. It’s a basic concept. If it proceeds in this manner, pizza becomes American and curry becomes British.

        I find it amusing to see the ruling class making these changes without input from the constituency – you know – for the benefit of all.

        • The Catholic immigrants to the US over 100 years ago (Irish, Italians, Poles, Hungarians, most Germans, etc.) were not of the same “culture” as Protestant America. In fact they were hated by the nativists, KKK and Know-Nothings as badly as you hate non-whites.

          Should they have been denied entry?

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