SpaceX Has Launched 61 Missions so Far and Wants 100 for 2023 and Over 140 in 2024

SpaceX has 61 successful launches of Falcon rockets so far in 2023. Elon indicates they will target 10 flights per month for the 4 remaining months of the year to hopefully reach 100 launches. They will tehn increase to 12 per month in 2024 which would get SpaceX to 140-150 launches in 2024.

This is before SpaceX gets the Starship and Super Heavy working. Starship and Super Heavy being fully reusable and able to hold ten times the mass will greatly accelerate launches and multiply launch payload.

Above is a photo of the various Starship prototypes by John Cargile @GroundTruthPics for WAI (what About It?).

SpaceX has launched 12 Starshield satellites for the US government Space Force. Nine of those Starshield satellites are working.

As of 4 September 2023:

Satellites launched: 5048
Satellites failed or deorbited: 376
Satellites in orbit: 4704
Satellites working: 4672
Satellites operational: 3979