Are Humanoid Robots a Threat?

The Unitree H1 Humanoid robot can outrun a human being.

In this video we review the Unitree H1 robot and other humanoid robots and briefly consider the expected impacts on our world.

15 thoughts on “Are Humanoid Robots a Threat?”

  1. This statement is following quote from the article is ridiculous:
    “The Unitree H1 Humanoid robot can outrun a human being.”

    The very best 100m sprinters can easily run over 10m/s. The average everyday runner could do 15s over 100m, which is 6.7 m/s.

    So a humanoid robot doing 3.3 m/s (as shown in the video) is by no stretch of the imagination “faster” that a human.

  2. This is something I liked in the movie Ex Machina with Oscar Isaac. The robots were quite advanced, but no match for a human in physical combat. Seems smart, at least until they are many decades out of the experimental phase.

  3. IMO, it’s the AI or robot you don’t see, or have any knowledge of that is a much greater potential threat. What’s a human like robot going to do? Force you to an ATM to w/draw money? Oh please… The robots in your face you can doing something about if you don’t like what they do. But technology that you do not see, or even know exists is what to must learn about. The so-called robot in your face is a distraction. What AI could “do” is what you do not even know happens. A human like robot should be the least of our concerns.

  4. A threat? No.
    I have yet to see a humanoid robot do ANYTHING really useful.
    1: clean a toilet
    2: clean a bedroom; pick up the clothes, vacuum, make the bed
    3: cook eggs and bacon
    4: detail a car (clean inside and out)
    5: mow the lawn
    6. pickup, wash, dry, fold and put away the laundry
    7: do weekly grocery shopping
    8: DRIVE a car, I want a robot that can drive ANY car
    Just get a humanoid robot to do regular human things that any normal human can do

    • A threat to jobs? Yes, and all the above will be done in the blink of an eye, you should’ve checked out the robot they coupled to chatgpt I gues it was, it was stunning and it hasnt even started. Its going faster than we all imagine and it just keeps going faster and faster, we are limited in adopting speed thats what scares me the most, I dont even mind finding out how tiktok works, and im 35. Not being scared of this is kinda psychopathic, we do not know where this will take us, you can have the best intentions, like the agreements not to use them for warfare, until Mother Russia eg besides all the treaties they might’ve signed decides to do it anyway. Thats the problem.

      • >all the above will be done in the blink of an eye

        Maybe one day, BUT they have not been done yet… NONE of them have been done yet.
        I have yet to see a humanoid robot, use regular cleaning equipment and gloves and clean a toilet.
        Everything I listed a typical high-school student would do as common chores.

    • You got it. Can a robot clean a toilet if the seat is down? Does it knows what “that” means? I’m a guy, and don’t give a damn if the seat is up or down. Just clean the stupid toilet. Does the robot “know” why the seat up or down actually matters to some? Good luck trying to “teach” why such nonsense matters to a machine. It’s a cultural social artifact. It has no “rational” reason beyond a current social artifact. This too will pass.

      Some can (IMO) reasonably say we’re trying to teach our robots to “be polite”. This may be a good (and simple frankly) way to do what’s MOST important: Be NICE. Perhaps the robot does not need to know why the toilet seat up freaks someone out. They just to recognize to some people (apparently w/a great deal of time on their hands, and nothing better to do…) it does matter.

      The point is, if it matters to someone, it DOES matter. Being “nice” means caring and respecting other people. Even if you don’t know why their so upset about something . Try teaching a robot or AI such details. All the “data” in the world can not teach the “essential niceties” of social behavior. These are subtle things, and it takes those in a “real” world, to adapt, and do that.

      The toilet seat being up? Don’t like it? Put the seat down. You have the power to change your world, even if it starts w/something so simple.

  5. When the robot runs down a human it will get it’s backside kicked by the elderly and small children so… no, it is not a threat.

    • When any robot try’s to to run down this old guy, it’s going to get a lot more then a “gentle kick in the ass”. Trust me. This old SOB will not go quietly. I don’t think I’m the only guy (or gal) who will not go quietly… Not by a long shot…

  6. No more a threat than humans, – unless Dr. Blofeld can shanghai a hundred million robots by uploading a patch.

    • Saw that movie. I, Robot starring Will Smith. Isaac Asimov would be turning over in his grave and what they did to his laws of robotics.

      • All “laws” can be broken. And they don’t need to be followed in the first place. Since the days of Plato (and no doubt long before), does not mean our most “noble” ideals will be followed just because their “noble”. Sorry kids…

    • They become “a threat to humans” when whatever they do, we don’t like, and WE do notice. Allow me to provide an example. As a former intelligence officer, my mentor taught me a good day begins and ends, when nobody dies, nothing blows up, and nobody notices a god d*** thing at all. Oh Lord, that’s my definition of a “good day”. Lets hope our technologies work so well to be so seamless.

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