February 15, 2010

One Terabyte Flash Drive Chip Coming in 2012 and Continue to Hold Off Universal Memory Challengers

Nikkei reports Tadahiro Kuroda andresearchers from Toshiba and the Keio University in Tokyo have developed a technology that will help reduce the size of SSDs by more than ten times. The drives will cheaper and boosting energy efficiency by 70%.

They created a 1 Terabyte solid state drive prototype the size of a small postage stamp, consisting of 128 NAND flash memory chips and one controller chip. The miniature storage device boasts transfer speeds of 2 Gbps, and also uses radio communications which will ultimately make it cheaper to manufacture.

Universal Memory Challengers Unable to Breakthrough as Conventional Memory Continues to Advanced

EETimes reports that traditional memory scaling would stall, and delay the need for next-generation FeRAMs, MRAMs, phase-change, RRAMs and others

* Fujitsu Ltd. and the University of Toronto presented a negative-resistance read scheme and write scheme for spin-torque-transfer (STT) MRAM, based on 130-nm technology.

* a 64-Mbit spin-transfer-torque MRAM in 65-nm CMOS was described by Toshiba Corp

* Numonyx BV described a 1-Gbit phase-change memory developed in 45-nm CMOS with a 37.5 square millimeter die size, and a 266-Mbyte per second read throughput

* Flash and DRAM memory continue to move to higher density (20 nanometer lithography and lower and higher density flash configurations )

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