Space carnival week 15

Star Stryder hosts the 15th carnival of space

Spacedev, who built the engines for SpaceshipOne, believes they can make a moonbase for $3 billion instead of the Nasa figure of $100 billion

Benson’s plan links technology already being developed. Bigelow Spacehab modules would be prepositioned between Earth and Moon. A crew would shuttle from Earth in the orbital version of Benson’s Dreamchaser. Upon reaching lunar orbit, 4 astronauts would descend to the Moon in Lunar Human Access (ALOHA) chairs. What a ride that would be! These open vehicles would be much simpler than the Lunar Surface Access Module NASA is designing. The crew would stay in Spacehab modules already landed on the Moon.

My own contribution on more $500/kg or less launch options

Colony worlds discusses the use of Callisto as a base

Centauri Dreams discusses using radio frequency waves to trap antimatter instead of magnetic fields

This site will be hosting next weeks carnival of space.

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