Energy supplies by source in the USA 2002 to 2006

US energy used by source from 2002 to 2006
Here is the Breakdown of energy used in the USA by source from 2002 to 2006

Nnadir has a further breakdown of the non-fossil fuel portion

Non-fossil fuel source Share of non-fossil fuel total share

Nuclear: 54.5% 8.2%

Conventional Hydro: 19.2% 2.9%

Wood: 14.0% 2.1%

Other biofuels like, and including, ethanol: 5% 0.7%

Garbage burning (waste): 2.7% 0.4%

Geothermal: 2.3% 0.3%

Wind: 1.7% 0.3%

Solar: 0.4% 0.07%

The first official new US nuclear license application has been filed for a 2700MW twin reactor in Texas

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