Taiwan election result as predicted, big KMT win

The KMT, pro-China party, won 81 of 113 seats in the legislative elections.

I have predicted that KMT victories in the legislative election and then in the presidential election in Taiwan would lead to better relations between Taiwan, China and the USA This is the first third of that prediction. Landslide legislative victory. Then a presidential victory by KMT’s Ma and then the actual policy and relationship changes.

The size of the KMT landslide and the infighting going on with the DPP says to me that the Presidential election on March 22 looks like a slamdunk for KMT’s Ma. The last 2004 election fake assassination only led to a raiser thin DPP election victory. I do not see how anything but massive (and massively transparent) voter fraud would be able to swing the election to the DPP in March.

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