Summary and Review of ABC : living to 150

Barbara Walters had a show: Live to 150..Can you do it? It was light on details and touched a lot of the topics in the longevity area.

Alcor, the cryogenics company has their article

ABC has other related articles.

I saw the show. It was a very quick run through of many topics on aging. Aubrey’s section was maybe 2 minutes and half of that was him riding a bike and paddling on water. His actual speaking points were a very brief summary of extend life 30 years and then during that time extend it again by 50 years and so on up to 1000 years. No details or even mentioning of SENS. Barbara does describe him as a respected scientist and active and basically a “leader in the field”.

They had an extended bit on Advanced Cell Technologies corporation. A company whose stock has tanked. Because they could show video of an articifially created rat heart. They interviewed the CSO. Dr. Robert P. Lanza M.D., 51
Chief Scientific Officer. He predicts hundreds of years of life extension using organ and cell replacement and rejuvenation.

Calorie restriction segment shows practitioners and how they eat.

And then a lot of the show (almost half) is talking about and showing how extending life will be good and fulfilling and shows these active older people enjoying life and how people will have many careers and maybe many partners and maybe older woman will become lesbians because they will live so much longer than men. They also mentioned that 30 years was added to life expectancy in the 20th century.

They also talked about gray power and how boomers and others may retain their positions and power and thus help push the funding and effort towards life extension forward.

I think the more older reporters and journalists that there are on 60 minutes and ABC and other places then the more there will be favorable shows of this type.

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