Possible test fusion reactors developed for sale

The lead Bussard Fusion Reactor (BFR) experimenter is considering making turnkey fusion test reactors for 500,000 to 1 million dollars.

One of the things we have been considering is selling a “turnkey” version of the WB-7. In this case we would design, build, license and deliver an operating Polywell, probably on the scale of the present machine. Operator training and tech support would also be part of the deal. These devices could be funded through government grants (we have found a mechanism) or privately. I think we could do a turnkey machine for a ~ $500k-$1000k depending on how many people are interested.

My suggestion for selling turnkey Polywells is not one of complete benevolence. We could use a revenue stream at EMC2, and this would do a lot to help us grow. We need to learn how to manufacture these things, as well as how to engineer safety systems and all of the rest of the peripherals.

This semms like something that would be useful for universities and some companies.

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