Red Cameras: Modular, Upgradable, Breakthrough Resolution, the Future of Cameras

The Red Camera Company had already made digital video cameras that are better than 35 mm film cameras at one tenth the cost.

The Red Camera Company had already made the Scarlet and Epic [Epic higher end] line of video cameras You are able upgrade EVERYTHING as technology advances. Every component, on an individual level, can be upgraded and improved. The RED ONE is a modular system that can be upgraded. Scarlet and EPIC are completely modular and upgradeable in every way.


Sensors will range from 4.9 megapixels up to 261 megapixels and video resolution will range from 3000 lines (almost three times high definition lines and 7 times overall highdef resolution) to 28,000 lines (this goes beyond hivision also called ultra high definition 7,680 × 4,320 pixels)

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Prices ranging from $2500 to $55000. The highend cameras will have no competitors in terms of resolution and even the $55,000 price is a lot less than the 35mm film cameras that are currently used. Even the “lowend” video cameras are pushing what has been available for digital video camera resolution.

The Red Sensors
The Epic and Scarlet cameras at the Red Camera site

Here is the Scarlet camera