CNano Technology Announces 500 Ton per year Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Factory

Applications which can use the large new supply of carbon nanotubes [click on the picture to the left for a larger image].

CNano Technology (CNano) announced today at NT09: Tenth International Conference on the Science and Application of Nanotubes, that it has successfully scaled up its manufacturing technology to reach the world’s largest production capacity of 500 tons per year for multiple wall carbon nanotubes. This is a huge deal because capacity is up about 8 times (including the 200 ton Bayer factory) and higher volumes and lower costs means carbon nanotubes can be used in more products and at lower prices. Low volumes and high prices were the main things slowing the use of carbon nanotubes for improved products. Carbon nanotubes still have to be made longer in higher volumes but this factory is a huge step.

CNano proprietary manufacturing technology enables large scale production at a lower cost structure than other commercial nanotube manufacturing processes. The growing list of commercial applications for carbon nanotubes includes conductive plastics for electronics and automotive, structural composites for sporting goods and aerospace, conductive coatings for displays and aerospace and electrodes for batteries and super capacitors among others.

“CNano has achieved a truly significant milestone. The company has broken through a
barrier that has existed in this market up until now. CNano can now bring mass
produced nano materials to market at the right price. They have successfully scaled the manufacturing process for making carbon nanotubes. This now makes their unique
combination of elevated mechanical properties and low electrical resistivity available at the low cost necessary for adoption in large consumer markets,” said Tom Baruch, founder and managing director of CMEA Capital, who serves as chairman of CNano.

“CNano’s management has brought high quality US-style manufacturing into China,
tapping the best from both sides of the Pacific Ocean. Through its large scale
production of carbon nanotubes, we expect to see more applications that will be feasible that leverage the highly unique properties of this material,” said Peter Liu, Chairman of WI Harper.

Prior to 2009 the global production of carbon nanotubes was about 100 tons/year

Bayer was making a 200 ton/year carbon nanotube factory in 2009 and was planning a 3000 ton/year factory for 2011.