Dwave Systems Adiabatic Quantum Computer

Dwave Systems has a new page which contains links to scientific papers and presentations describing the adiabatic quantum comptuer systems they are building. Dwave currently is testing a 128 qubit quantum computer processor.

Overview and history of Dwave

Dwave Processor architecture 38 page pdf

* Have run optimization problems on C1 (8 qubit, 1500 JJs) single unit cells
with on-chip DAC control.
* Have cooled and calibrated two C4 (128 qubits, 1024 DACs, 24000JJs).
* Fabrication yield, magnetic field are limits for these chips. Ran small
optimization problems on one of them.
* Developed (-ing) calibration, synchronization, and operation methods to go
from new chip to running optimization problems.
* Working on understanding limits to programming accuracy of hi , J¼ , and
how well we achieve Ising Hamiltonian.

D-Wave rf-SQUID qubit

The qubit we are using in our current designs is a novel type of rf-SQUID device. It is designed to have a lot of control knobs that allow the user to set several different parameters of the devices in situ. This type of control is required in order to be able to operate large numbers of these devices in a scalable way.

59 page pdf on the performance of the dwave quantum processor

10 page pdf on the fabrication capability of Dwave Systems.
* they are using 200 mm wafers
* they can make 10,000 to 30,000 wafers per month