Electric scooters, bikes and hybrid scooters for China, India and the World

1. Honda has the cool concept car shown above the Honda 3r-c. However, others have affordable electric bikes, scooters and electric hybrids that will be dominant vehicles for the world in 2010-2016. They are already huge in China (120 million electric bikes and scooters) and will be big in India and the rest of Asia and probably getting bigger in Europe.


Eko Vehicles is planning to introduce a hybrid scooter that gets 120 kilometers/liter (about 280 mpg) in India in May 2010 The ET-120 Hybrid will cost about 40,000 rupee (about $1000)

3. There are 120 million e-bikes on the roads in China

Some e-bikes can reach speeds of more than 35 kilometres an hour (21 miles per hour), and a few manufacturers boast their models can last up to 50 kilometres on a single battery charge.

Battery chargers are simply plugged into an electricity socket at home. Most e-bikes also have pedals, except for the bigger, scooter-like models.

In December, authorities tried to re-impose a maximum speed limit of 20 kilometres (12 miles) per hour on e-bike riders, along with licence rules, but the plan caused such a public and industry uproar that it was suspended.

Shi says nearly a third of his production goes abroad — to Asia, notably India, to the European Union and even to the United States.

“There is a big future for electric bikes in Europe, where people are very concerned about saving the environment,” he said, explaining that the models with safer but more costly lithium batteries are shipped to EU nations.

Shi says he sells the export models for 400 dollars, as opposed to just 240 dollars for those sold in China. But the bikes can sell for a whopping 1,200 dollars in France and Germany

4. According to a new study entitled “Electric Two-Wheel Vehicles”, cleantech market intelligence company Pike Research is forecasting that more than 466 million electric bicycles and motorcycles will be sold worldwide during the period from 2010 to 2016. Given that the annual global motorcycle market is currently around 80 million units a year, almost all of them based on the internal combustion engine, this anticipated explosion in electric bike demand could double the size of the two wheeled market, not to mention dampen the demand for electric four-wheelers.

Pike Research expects electric bicycles will be the largest category with 56% of the electric two wheel market, followed by e-motorcycles at 43% and e-scooters in a distant third place with less than 1%.


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