nano graphene platelets supercapacitors get patent

Angstron Materials gets a patent for their nano-graphene supercapacitors

Angstron’s NGPs (nano graphene platelets) offer a cost effective, high performance alternative to carbon nanotubes and nanofibers. The first company to isolate and successfully produce large quantities of single-layer and multi-layer graphene sheets, Angstron’s nano graphene solutions eliminate the viscosity and dispersion problems associated with processing advanced materials using carbon nanotubes and fibers. Other advantages include:

The highest thermal conductivity known today (up to ~ 5,300 W/(mK), five times that of copper, at a density that is four times lower
Exceptional in-plane electrical conductivity (up to ~ 20,000 S/cm)
Fifty times stronger than steel
Ultra-high Young’s modulus (approximately 1,000 GPa) and highest intrinsic strength (~ 130 GPa estimated)
High specific surface area (up to ~ 2,675 m2/g) twice that of CNTs
Low density (2.25 g/cm3) and minimal viscosity impact