Oral Contraceptives Reduce Death Rate by 12% in Large UK Study

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British Medical Journal – Oral Contraceptives lowers death rate in those 50 and older from all causes

* 46,112 women observed for up to 39 years
* 1747 deaths occurred in never users of oral contraception and 2864 in ever users. Compared with never users, ever users of oral contraception had a significantly lower rate of death from any cause (adjusted relative risk 0.88, 95% confidence interval 0.82 to 0.93).
* They also had significantly lower rates of death from all cancers; large bowel/rectum, uterine body, and ovarian cancer; main gynaecological cancers combined; all circulatory disease; ischaemic heart disease; and all other diseases.
* Pill users had higher rates of violent deaths.
* The estimated absolute reduction in all cause mortality among ever users of oral contraception was 52 per 100 000 woman years.


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