Analysis of Displaced Comets and Sedna Suggest Jupiter Class Object in the Oort Comet Cloud

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Persistent Evidence of a Jovian Mass Solar Companion in the Oort Cloud, 41 pages) (H/T Centauri Dreams)

We present an updated dynamical and statistical analysis of outer Oort cloud cometary evidence suggesting the sun has a wide-binary Jovian mass companion. The results support a conjecture that there exists a companion of mass with one to four times the mass of Jupiter orbiting in the innermost region of the outer Oort cloud. Such a companion could also have produced the detached Kuiper Belt object Sedna.

Brown Dwarfs have mass ranges of 10-90 jupiter masses. An object with four Jupiter masses would be smaller than a brown dwarf. Previous surveys mostly ruled out objects with 7 Jupiter Masses or more closer than 6000 AU. Those surveys still could have missed those objects or larger brown dwarves that were further away.

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