The iPad and Beyond

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Jason Calacanis has a 48 point iPad review

I will select a few key observations and then add my own opinion.

The iPad will probably replace a laptop and even a full-featured desktop for 1/3rd of “light computing” users. (Read: people who don’t use specialized software and spend their time inside Safari’s crippled browser).

Should You Buy an iPad ?

1. If you’re rich or don’t care about wasting $1,000 this month only to replace it in a year: Yes! Why do you care about replacing
anything? Give this to your nephew when you upgrade.

2. If you’re a student on a budget: No. Get a Dell laptop for $500
with 10x the features.

3. If you’ve got kids and can afford it: Probably. I’ve seen my
friends’ kids turn from wild tree monkeys into zoned-out stoners from
the glow of an iPod Touch. The iPad is kid-grade heroin: one dose and
they will be out for hours.

4. You’re a normal person of normal means: Only if you’re a tech
junkie. There are going to be much, much better Android tablets in
6-12 months with a USB port, camera, removable batteries, a memory
card and a non-crippled OS.

The iPad 2.0 next year will be vastly improved and there will be a more open Android competitor soon. There will be a lot more drastic improvements and changes coming soon.

Some have complained that the size of the iPad is not quite right for them. I think there will be several sizes of iPad and Android Pads and other competing in this area. Perhaps two sizes that are intermediate between iPhones and the current iPad and two sizes that are bigger.

The next step in form factors will be with picoprojectors and rollup screens that wirelessly connects to a smaller mostly CPU device.

Flexible screens that can be rolled up should be in mass market production by 2013. Apple’s version will probably be called something like the iScroll.

I think the rolled up screens will be carried around using holsters and sheaths that are similar to what is used for longer knives, guns or tubes for architectural drawings.

* shoulder or upper arm sheaths that are the outside of the arm
* shoulder hosters that are inside the arm by the side of the chest
* Boot holders that are along the calf

Specialized holsters are probably needed for iPad like devices as well, since not all clothing will have big enough pockets. Double holsters would make sense to hold a rolled up screen and an iPad like device.

Picoprojectors are here now and they should be popular and in available volumes of 3 million per year by 2013

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