High Temperature Superconducting Magnet Possibilities

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High Temperature Superconducting Magnet Possibilities from the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory (28 page presentation)

* World’s highest field superconducting magnet – 23.5 T for 1 GHz NMR (Bruker Lyon) – ~ 1 Nb-Ti outer and inner in m OD Nb Nb3Sn
* World’s highest incremental superconducting field (2.8 T in 31 T = 33.8T) – SuperPower YBCO in NHMFL coil – ~ 3.5 cm OD

* Magnets come in many sizes, not just big 100 – 1000 m of good wire can generate significant fields
* These lengths are what industry is producing now
* Today’s conductors have certain length varying defects that need fixing
* Small magnets are a wonderful evaluator and discriminator for the defects
* Success with small magnets will generate demand for many big magnets
* 9 Tesla magnets at 55K are with reach (instead of 2K temperature)

Industrial Heater is the worlds First Superconducting Energy Product

Stellarators using bulk HTS Tiles?

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