Nanodielectrics for High Temperature Superconductor Insulation and Other Applications

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Nanodielectrics research for HTS and other OE Applications at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (47 pages)

There are few materials for HTS insulation
• Better dielectrics with improved thermal and mechanical properties w/o degrading dielectric and electrical insulation properties
• This can be achieved with Nanodielectrics

Achieved improvements:
• Control of dielectric permittivity
• Dielectric breakdown strength
•Defect tolerant systems
• Thermal stability/thermal conductivity
• Mechanical properties/modulus

Continue new materials development based on nanotechnology
– Fully characterize in situ resin based nanodielectric system
• Thermal, electrical and mechanical
– Initiate composite studies based on cyanate ester resins
– Seek collaborator for the ex situ method
– Build component or pot a coil with the in situ material
• Continue characterization of commonly used materials for cryogenic dielectric applications
• Investigate stress volume scaling in HV cryogenic applications
• Continue investigation of thermally generated bubbles in LN2
– Pressure, temperature, gap length, heater power
• Initiate DC measurements of dielectric materials in LN2
• Continue to extend R & D program to include outside participants such as industry and university
• Update web‐based database and include numerical tools for data analysis

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