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Donate to SENS life extension research SENS research is to develop ways to repair aging damage.

SENS is an acronym for “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence”. It is best defined as an integrated set of medical techniques designed to restore youthful molecular and cellular structure to aged tissues and organs. Essentially, this involves the application of regenerative medicine to the problem of age-related ill-health. However, regenerative medicine is usually thought of as encompassing a few specific technologies such as stem cell therapy and tissue engineering, whereas SENS incorporates a variety of other techniques to remove or obviate the accumulating damage of aging. This broadly defined regenerative medicine – which includes the repair of living cells and extracellular material in situ – applied to damage of aging, is what we refer to as rejuvenation biotechnologies.

Currently, SENS comprises seven major types of therapy addressing seven major categories of aging damage, and you will find details of these therapies throughout this section of the website.

Your support will help us in our mission to develop, promote and ensure widespread access to rejuvenation biotechnologies which comprehensively address the disabilities and diseases of aging.

Many things go wrong with aging bodies, but only a few of them are primary changes in the structure of the body itself — that is, aging damage. Other changes (such as increases in inflammation and oxidative stress) are the secondary consequences of this primary change: either the direct results of those damaged components’ inability to carry out their normal role in metabolism, or the body’s adaptive or maladaptive attempts to compensate for those changes. Thus, by removing, repairing, replacing, or rendering harmless the damage, we restore the normal functioning of the body’s cells and essential biomolecules, and the secondary changes are given the chance to return to their normal, youthful baseline.

Scientists have spent decades looking for such changes in aging bodies, this research has led to the conclusion that there are no more than seven major classes of such cellular and molecular damage

Aging Damage            Discovery    SENS Solution
Cell loss, tissue atrophy 1955       Stem cells and tissue engineering (RepleniSENS)
Nuclear [epi]mutations
(only cancer matters)     1959, 1982 Removal of telomere-lengthening machinery (OncoSENS)
Mutant mitochondria       1972       Allotopic expression of 13 proteins (MitoSENS)
Death-resistant cells     1965       Targeted ablation (ApoptoSENS)
Tissue stiffening         1958, 1981 AGE-breaking molecules (GlycoSENS); tissue engineering
Extracellular aggregates  1907       Immunotherapeutic clearance (AmyloSENS)
Intracellular aggregates  1959       Novel lysosomal hydrolases (LysoSENS)

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