Off Topic -Tiger Woods Prediction

There is an article that compares Tiger Woods to Mike Tyson, that says that the era of Tiger Woods golf dominance is over. I know that many who hate Tiger are hoping that this happens.

The statistics do not indicate that this is the case. I think it is clear that he has his retooled swing and he will be winning again this year.

I will predict that he will win at least 3 majors over the next 3 years and will win at least 12 total tournaments over the next 3 years. Over the next 6 years. I will predict at least 5 major wins (breaking the record) and 20 tournament wins. Tiger will also regain his number one ranking this year. He only has to get back to an overall

The swing and most of the short game was good enough during past 4 days. The only missing was the putting.

Looking at the statistics from the Pgatour.

The statistics from this past Masters golf Tournament. Tiger Woods had driving accuracy was 85% on the last two days. His third round was bad. His fourth his best score to end a tournament.

The difference was in the putting.

He has historical been about 1.0 to 1.8 putts better per round. 4 to 7 shots better for a tournament. If he puts the way he has before then he will be winning.