Defkalion makes more Rossi Energy Catalyzer announcements

ECat World – A reporter from XanthiPress, a Greek news site based in Xanthi, conducted an interview with Alexandros Xanthoulis, President of Defkalion Green Technologies

The Greek interview is here through google translate

At the first 2 weeks of August a core team of 12 scientists from the Xanthi area will start working, there will be a separate company lab (for R&D i presume) the building for this lab has been found.

At the end of September there will be a public demonstration of the final product (the Hyperion) , the power output of the device would be 35KW/h.

Concerning the safety of the factory Xanthoulis said that they don’t building a nuclear plant (there were concerns from the locals) however they give the matter of safety the required attention mainly as a precaution.

Concerning the skepticism and the negative comments from people (they say that the e-cat is too good to be true) Xanthoulis said that people should look into the matter more closely before they form an opinion, he also said that the device produces no radiation , and that the way it works is a mystery to everybody , and that the device is protected by a patent and that patent will be open in 9 years

They are going to get the permit to sell their E-Cat fusion products in Greece in september, however xanthoulis reported that in another country the licence is already acquired (he didn’t said witch one)

They’ve got made deals with auto companies in the R&D sector to be able to research the application of the e-cat in cars, also the exact same applies for ships.

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