Defkalion claims to have what they call final energy catalyzer products to be revealed in 15 days

Defkalion not only continued our [energy catalyzer] program but we are almost ready, with technology that is ahead of Rossi during a year. Specifically, within the next 15 days there will be announcements and initiated testing and certification by independent third parties. We will present the final product – not just a laboratory prototype – with all its subsystems to operate according to European safety standards. “

“And the catalyst? Isn’t that supposed to be a Rossi secret ?”

All the technology used in devices Hyperion at the kilowatt level, and systems at 1 Megawatt to 5 megawatt are our own design. They different from those of Rossi” he replied. “As for the control, was already our own design and construction, and Mr. Rossi has signed acceptance certificate shows that it is ours. Even in the recent trial in October when he used some modules of our own design. However, the main and big difference in our device than that of Rossi is that our system is stable in performance, while that of Rossi or the last test failed to yield stable for more than five and a half hours. ”

The evolution of ‘Hyperion’: From the experimental device, left in the model of expected 45KW generator with 9 reactors

So the rift between you was not due only to non-payment of first installment repayment, said Mr. Rossi?

“Not sure. We had finished raising the 15 million dollars first installment, but Mr. Rossi did not sign the protocol of receipt, asking him to meet parameters such as the stable operation of the device for at least 48 hours. This was the real cause of the interruption of cooperation, but not celebrated in the media because they want to continue a deleterious confrontation. We are interested in real progress, and real success. The technology that we will present a few days the world will be entirely our Greek. It will be our contribution overthrowing the existing energy market.

From the heat yield, the device could produce electricity cheaper than PPC by 90%. The annual cost for hydrogen and nickel – the “fuel” of a device 20 kilowatts capacity – were expected to be about 1,300 euros, when the value of the energy produced at current prices would exceed the 14,000 euros.

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