Heartland Robotics will be public at Automate 2013 January 21st, 2013 or earlier

The Robot Report – The long awaited launch of Heartland Robotics’ new co-robot product line finally has a launch date – next January 21-24 at the Automate 2013 show in Chicago. Heartland Robotics has reserved a big space right amongst robotics’ largest players.

Click here to see the exhibition floor map.

It is likely that the actual launch date will be earlier, but the Automate 2013 show, where they have a large booth, will be the place to see the new bots in action and an outside date for Heartland’s launch.

Nextbigfuture has been following Heartland Robotics for years with their promise of $5000 robots that will enable new low cost automation.

Scott Kirsner’s Innovation Economy blog reported on Heartland Robotics

Heartland Robotics targets a $5000 robot that is an alternative to low wage workers. It will be a hardware platform that will use an iPhone application model to customize its software.

The one-armed Obero robot is the basis from which this two armed robot is being developed.

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