Spacex has a successful launch, Dragon in orbit with solar arrays deployed

Spacex started the launch webcast at midnight PST (3AM EST). If all goes as planned the launch will occur 44 minutes later

Launch appears to be successful. 300 kilometers altitude after T + 8 minutes. Already passed stage separation.

The Dragon capsule’s nose cone has been jettisoned and the Falcon 9 is performing well.

Spacex twitterfeed

After T + 9:30 engine shutdown as planned.

Falcon 9 is in orbit.

Dragon separation at T + 10:00.

Dragon is freeflying in orbit and will soon deploy solar arrays.

Solar Arrays have deployed. T + 12:00

There are several more days of testing before Dragon can go to the space station.

The planned mission is for two weeks.

Congratulations to Spacex and NASA.

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