Singularity Summit – Personal Genomics

Linda Avey is interviewed about Personal Genomics.

She was a founder of 23andme.

Linda has now co-founded

The rise of personal analytics is going to bring us much greater clarity on our health decisions. Linda Avey’s new company, Curious, Inc., hopes to help quantify that data and tell us how to lead healthier lives.

Avey’s most recent mission: creating a personal data sharing and analytics platform through her new startup Curious, Inc.

She also works with Rock Health Incubator

Sano Intelligence has a microneedle patch to get real time information on what is happening in the body.

They are developing the API to the bloodstream — a powerful mobile health monitoring product (microneedle patch) that will reveal new insights about stage-zero care. The solution will include wearable patches that analyze blood chemistry, sending results to doctors at regular intervals. The hope is that what doctors are able to learn from the analysis can lead to cures for others suffering from blood diseases or abnormalities.

Roughly the size of a nicotine patch, Sano’s painless new transdermal device can already measure the glucose and potassium levels of the wearer’s blood, according to a recent Co.Exist report. Eventually, the aim is for it to be able to monitor all the standard components of a basic metabolic panel, including kidney function and electrolyte balance as well. Such data, in turn, will be retrievable in app form via a third-party development and analytical platform. Sano calls it “The API for the bloodstream,” making it accessible to users on their smartphones or other devices.

Each sensor reportedly costs between USD 1 and USD 2 in materials and enjoys a lifespan of a week. Now about to enter pilot testing, the device could reportedly be ready to launch as early as mid-2013.

Linda Avey was recently on Bigthink.

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