Speed tests of the Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy 3M, Nexus 7, iPad 3 and the Apple iPhone 5

Ars Technica – The Quad-core Snapdragon powered Nexus 4 is faster than the Galaxy SIII and is sometimes faster and sometimes slower than the Apple iPhone 5.

The Nexus 4 will wipe the floor with the Galaxy SIII and Nexus 7 in both CPU and GPU performance, and while it doesn’t always beat the Apple A6 in the iPhone 5, it’s always very close in synthetic benchmarks. Between the two, the iPhone’s dual-core A6 may have the advantage in real-world performance, since not all apps will be able to take advantage of all four of the Snapdragon’s CPU cores, but we need more real-world comparison time to say for certain. If you can get past the lack of LTE, the Nexus 4 (and by extension the Optimus G, which will give you LTE but take away the Nexus line’s guaranteed updates) is easily the fastest Android handset you can buy today.

Teh Android ecosystem is finally beginning to take graphics performance as seriously as Apple’s devices do.

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