Revolutionary Superconducting Technology Capabilities are here and will scale for high impact deployment over the next 10-30 years

Superconducting wire that will enable superconducting magnets with 20-50 tesla.

China, Japan, United States and several European countries all should have 45 tesla hybrid superconducting magnets soon.

An 88 page report from Europe explains the material challenges (physical stresses) that put an upper limit around 100-120 tesla for a superconducting magnet.

Note the applications – high speed maglev trains, energy weapons, helps towards various ways to achieve commercial nuclear fusion, various space propulsion applications, medical imaging devices (MRI, NMR) and more

The economics and production volume of superconducting should begin the superconductor economic revolution from 2017 onwards.

100 Tesla

The energy in a 100 Tesla magnet is about the same as TNT by weight.

Tripling the magnetic field increases the energy by ten times

We will have the wires and magnets for the applications

Superconducting engines will be several towers smaller and lighter with more energy density.
This enables better electric planes, electric helicopters, electric ships, electric cars and trucks.

There are many superconducting applications.

There is also the potential for ground breaking capabilities with nuclear fusion and space propulsion. Not just revolutionizing existing products but enabling new capabilities.

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