Carnival of Space 295

The Carnival of Space 295 is up at Aartscope.

What two small(ish) telescopes can add to Planck’s recent revelations On March 21, the Planck space telescope team released their first round of data, which reveals (or, rather, clarifies and gives more precision to previously researched) secrets of the early, early universe. The European Space Agency-run mission looks at the cosmic microwave background (CMB) radiation–the earliest light we can possibly see from the timeline of the universe. Telescopes like Planck look for tiny fluctuations in the CMB.

At a joint press conference with NASA March 28,2013, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said the company will try a water landing of its Falcon 9 first stage later year. The landing will be the start of a series of flight tests that could culminate with an attempted propulsive landing of a first stage back at its launch site in the middle of 2014, Musk said. This could be the begining of the reusable rocket age which would lower costs to space by 100 times.

Nuclear fusion microbomb explosions could propel a spaceship to Mars at 200,000 miles per hour. A design by Winterberg who developed the theory that would become the global positioning system and the designs that became project Daedelus. Edward Teller said Winterbergs contributions to the nuclear fusion bomb were underrated.

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