United State top total oil producing country at the end of 2012

The US was the top total oil producing country in the month of November and for the last quarter of 2012.

Nextbigfuture had noted that the US probably passed Saudi Arabia in Dec, 2012 based on preliminary weekly statistics. The more thorough monthly statistics indicate it happened a month earlier.

Top All Oil Liquid Producing Countries
1. United States 11.7 million bpd
2. Saudi Arabia 11 million bpd (down from 11.7 earlier in 2012)
3. Russia 10.5 million bpd
4. China 4.5 million bpd
5. Canada 4.0 million bpd

If the refinery gains are not included, then the US is the second highest oil producing country.
If only crude oil is counted then Russia was the top producing country.

The EIA had World total oil production at 89.6 million bpd in Nov, 2012 and crude oil at 75.85 million bpd. The most crude oil production was in April 2012 at 76.0 million bpd.

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