Update on Sonny Whites Warp Field Experiments

Interstellar travel breakthrough propulsion concepts for 50 or more years in the future at the 2013 Icarus Interstellar Congress, dated the last Saturday August 17th 2013:

A summary of the day from to zero minutes to 4 minutes.
Looking at spacewaps, wormholes, megascale spacetime engineering, Kardashev level 2 energy

Nothing from 4 minutes to 12 minutes
13:00-58:00 minutes of the video – Sonny White.

09:00am Keynote: Sonny White, “Warp Field Physics: an Update”
09:45am Presentation 1: Eric Davis, “Faster-Than-Light Space Warps: What’s It All About?”
10:10am Presentation 2: Hal Puthoff, “Engineering the Spacetime Metric for Interstellar Flight”
10:45am Presentation 3: Marc Millis, “Transgalactic Travel Guide” & “From Sci-Fi to Sci-Method – Space Drives”
11:10am Presentation 4: Jeff Lee, “Singularity Propulsion – Acceleration of a Schwarzschild Kugelblitz Starship”
11:35am Presentation 5: Gerald Cleaver, “The Quirks of Quark Engines”
12:00am Presentation 6: Lance Williams, “Rise of the Scalar Field, and its Implications for Interstellar Travel”

Sonny White Warp Update

Sonny White is building on work by a Miguel Alcubierre who estimated that it would be possible to achieve this if an object had negative mass. The early work indicated a Jupiter mass or more of exotic matter was needed.

Dr White check the sensitivity
* Change the topology from a thin wedding band to fat life saver and this greater lowers the energy needed
* oscillate the intensity

Combine changing the shape of the warp bubble and oscillating its intensity, it was possible to reduce the amount of energy that would be required to about the size of a Voyager spacecraft. This was not a prediction for the warp technology but check the sensitivity of the equations.

The project, which he has named Eagleworks, uses a high-voltage capacitor ring that is charged up and discharged as a laser is fired through the centre.

Dr White is looking for changes in the way the light passes through it that may indicate the photons have passed through a warp bubble.

Trying to get the test setup to detect changes that are one one-hundedth to one one thousands of the wavelength of light or less.

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