Fifty dollar 150X magnifying lens that sticks onto any smartphone with 5 megapixel or better camera

The Micro Phone Lens provides 15x magnification for any model of smart phone or tablet. You can pre-order a 150x magnification lens.

15x micro phone lens for $15

Micro Phone Lens 150x Starter Kit
150x magnification lens for cell phone or tablet was funded by a kickstarter. The 150x lens starter kit includes lens, case, light source, 6 prepared slides, as well as blank slides and cover slips. Estimated Ship date in August. You will not be charged until it is ready to ship. $49.99 for the 150x lens. Free Shipping for USA, $10 Shipping International.

150x micro phone lens prototype

Features Include:

* Powerful: At 150x magnification, the Lens is comparable to a conventional microscope.

* Universal: The 150x works with any device with a 5 Megapixel or greater camera. This includes all smart phones, tablets, and even newer iPods.

* Durable: Made from a pliable, platinum-catalyzed polymer, the Lens is scratch-proof and durable.

* Stick-On: The Lens self-adheres directly to your device’s camera. Just stick right on, and put away when done.

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