South Africa signs $10 billion nuclear deal with Russia

1. A $10 billion agreement lays the foundation for South Africa’s large-scale nuclear power plant procurement and development program based on the construction of Russian VVER reactors with a total installed capacity of up to 9.6 GW, or up to eight units, Rosatom said. The reactors will be the first based on the Russian technology to be built on the African continent, it said.

Joemat-Pettersson said that South Africa is “interested as never before in the massive development” of nuclear power, which is an important driver for the country’s national economic growth.

“I am sure that cooperation with Russia will allow us to implement our ambitious plans for the creation by 2030 of 9.6 GW of new nuclear [power] capacities based on modern and safe technologies. This agreement opens up the door for the Republic of South Africa to access Russian technologies, funding, infrastructure, and provides proper and solid platform for future extensive collaboration.”

2. Russia expects that within two years it will receive a contract to construct Jordan’s first nuclear power plant following the signing of a project development agreement.

3. China has many challenges to getting a piece of India’s $150+ billion nuclear energy buildup.

* India expects technology transfer
* China’s nuclear establishment is not known for its transparency and concerns have been voiced at regular intervals
* China hopes to add 250 GW of nuclear power between now and 2040, bringing 10 reactors online every year. China’s three nuclear enterprises will be hard-pressed to construct and provide post-completion support to their international clients.
* Beijing has consistently vetoed Delhi’s application to join the Nuclear Suppliers Group and yet it wishes to enter India’s nuclear market.

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