Dwave Systems shows off quantum chip with 2048 physical qubits

Dwave Systems has released pictures of a new quantum computer system chip with 2048 physical qubits. These are C16 chips — 16*16*8 = 2,048 physical qubits.

Researchers who work with DWave are just starting to provide some advance results on DWave’s 1152 qubit system.

From Dwave CTO Geordie Rose, a subset of the qubits physically available on the chip are currently under test, corresponding to a 12×12 unit cell subgraph. However all the qubits can be activated, it’s just easier to use a smaller region for calibration and test. The D-Wave Three product will contain Washington-style chips. The first ones will ship in early 2015.

DWave redesigns and rebuilds each of the chips several times over the 12-24 months where they test and refine chips of a particular qubit size scale.

The next generation of chips are the 1152 qubit versions and are called the Washington generation. These are very early days for the Washington generation. Things will get a lot better on this one before it’s released (Rainier and Vesuvius both took 7 generations of iteration before they stabilized).

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