Will 2015 see the emergence of a Diamond Age of Microelectronics ?

AKHAN has exclusive rights to a suite of breakthrough diamond-based semiconductor inventions developed by nanoscientist Ani Sumant of Argonne’s Center for Nanoscale Materials, a DOE Office of Science User Facility.

With the licensing agreement, AKHAN will be able to exclusively expand the capabilities of the diamond semiconductor platform, allowing for improved performance and thermal efficiency of existing silicon-based devices. The agreement will enable and define the future of semiconductors through incorporation with other next-generation high-performance materials such as graphene, sapphire and quartz.

The licensed patent portfolio covers critical semiconductor processes such as deposition, which is the process of growing a layer of polycrystalline diamond on a semiconductor wafer, as well as doping, which refers to the process of intentionally introducing impurities into an extremely pure semiconductor in order to modulate its electrical properties. The portfolio also covers the formation of circuit elements such as transistors, capacitors and resistors, which are then connected to form complex circuits, such as logic devices and microelectromechanical systems. Finally, the patents include the integration of electronic circuits that are built on a single semiconductor base material or single chip.

The agreement is the second licensing deal between Argonne and AKHAN and represents the result of more than two years of collaboration between the two organizations. Previously, the two organizations combined Argonne’s low-temperature diamond deposition technology with AKHAN’s novel doping process, which has begun to enable the next generation of energy efficient semiconductor devices.

AKHAN Technologies, Inc is the global leader in diamond semiconductor technology. In addition to pioneering the world’s most efficient n-type diamond material, AKHAN has made substantial advancements to the diamond semiconductor platform, uniquely enabling it for wide spread commercialization in microelectronics. Welcome to the “Diamond Age of Microelectronics”

They are developing a way to make diamond microprocessors from industrial diamond. The chips can be thinner and require less energy.

The primary aim of AKHAN SEMI is the development and manufacture of next generation Nanocrystalline (NCD) based materials and devices. AKHAN SEMI’s IP portfolio combines AKHAN’s breakthrough Miraj Diamond(TM) portfolio with revolutionary low temperature diamond deposition technology developed by gonne National Laboratory’s Center for Nanoscale Materials;– resulting in the world’s most advanced diamond semiconductor platform.