Airline seat densification will continue, it is just of matter of how they do it

All long range airline and airplane manufacturing industry forecasts (such as those from Boeing) have denser seating included in the detailed planning.

Airbus includes seat densification under airline productivity improvement along with more frequent flights with the same planes. Entitled “Formulating the Future” the new Airbus forecast – which serves as a reference for airlines, airports, investors, governments, non-government agencies and others – anticipates that air traffic will grow at 4.6 per cent annually, requiring some 32,600 new passenger and dedicated freighter aircraft at a value of US$4.9 trillion.

Airplane productivity is described as more seats offered per aircraft and more of those seats being sold. For passengers this translates to smaller, denser seats in more crowded airplanes.

Seat densification will happen, it is just a matter of how they choose to do it and that the passengers continue to go for cheaper but denser seating.

Many websites are bemoaning the following airplane seating designs or say that one of the densification designs is only a patent. Airplane seat densification has been happening for fifty years and all of the twenty year plans say how they plan to continue to boost density by about 20%. The only way that this gets a lot more comfortable is with Doctor Who Gallifrey technology.

Tardis is bigger on the inside, and the better way to fly in many ways

This week airplane manufacturer Airbus unveiled a new seat configuration, coming in 2017, that would place 11 seats per row in the economy section of its A380 superjumbo.

The plan would raise up the three seats near the window on each side of the plane by a few inches, which allows a fifth seat in the middle section of the plane.

Economy Class Cabin Hexagon is a patent for a denser seating configuration

Zodiac Seats France, an industry supplier, has patented a new seating configuration that rips out the middle seat in favor of one that faces the rear. With “Economy Class Cabin Hexagon,” you get more neighbors than ever before—and they are right in your face.

The goal of the design is “to increase cabin density while also creating seat units that increase the space available at the shoulder and arm area.”

The middle and aisle seats fold up like movie theater seats when you are not sitting in them.

Here is a mockup of the Zodiac seats