China largest telecom and 21 chinese cities are deploying multi-kilowatt wireless charging network for electric vehicles

ZTE Corporation, China’s largest listed telecommunications equipment company, is developing high-power wireless charging systems and services for electric vehicles, with a focus on public charging infrastructure. At a China-US workshop on electric vehicle standardization held in June (earlier post), Academus Tian, VP of ZTE New Energy Vehicle Co., presented an overview of ZTE’s efforts in wireless power transfer (WPT).

Tian said that ZTE’s inductive charging WPT module has a potential capacity of up to 30 kW, with a gap of 20 cm and efficiency of up to 90%. The footprint of the device is less than 1 m2; frequency is 85 kHz. ZTE, which has aggressively partnered with a number of passenger and commercial vehicles makers over the past few years, has recently launched a series of commercial vehicle (bus) WPT trials.

In March 2015, ZTE partnered with Hauer Auto to launch a wireless charging bus demonstration in a frigid climate (Changchung, with winter working temperatures around -26 ˚C (-14.8 ˚F)), using three 45-seat city buses on a 15.6 km (9.7 miles) route.

Also in March 2015, ZTE launched the trial of the largest capacity wireless charging system yet: 20 chargers that can support up to 100 12.5 meter buses in Zhengzhou.

Finally, the company is developing another trial at its own headquarters, with two charges supporting shuttle buses on the 12 km HQ-R&D line. The vehicle partner is Wuzhoulong Vehicle.

Tian said that the local governments in about 21 cities have already signed MOUs to deploy wireless charging solutions for pubic transportation; there are six cities in which WPT has already been launched.

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