China will build three large nuclear-powered aircraft carrier with electromagnetic catapults

China’s first domestically-built aircraft carrier could be nuclear-powered, Chinese web media reported Thursday, quoting an internal document of the shipbuilder responsible for building the carrier.

Russia-based also reported in an article on July 28 that China is sure to show the world its domestically-built aircraft carrier ahead of schedule, with all the equipment 100 percent produced domestically.

Vasily Kashin, the author of the article, said that China will build three aircraft carriers, most likely nuclear-powered and equipped with an electromagnetic aircraft launch system.

China is not likely to complete all three until about 2025. This would put China a distant second behind the United States which has 11 large 100,000+ ton nuclear aircraft carrier with catapult launch.

China has put the finishing touches to the world’s longest aircraft carrier dock at its massive naval complex in Sanya on the southern island province of Hainan, according to a military source and a regional defence magazine.

The 700 metre-long dock was the People’s Liberation Army Navy’s second aircraft carrier base, Canada-based Kanwa Asian Defence reported, adding that the facility could service carriers on both sides of the dock at the same time.

The carrier base was connected to the navy’s Yulin nuclear submarine base, making the naval complex the biggest of its kind in Asia, the magazine said.

Yulin is also the largest submarine base in Asia.