Modumetal nanolaminated steel and zinc can be ten times stronger and corrosion resistant

Modumetal is creating a revolutionary new class of nanolaminated materials that will change design and manufacturing forever by dramatically improving the structural, corrosion and high temperature performance of coatings, bulk materials and parts

Modumetal is based on the interaction of different materials at their interfaces. By laminating metals, Modumetal creates a new way to influence material properties. By growing metal using low-cost electrochemistry, Modumetal enables a whole new class of applications of these materials.

Modumetal’s advanced manufacturing technology makes it possible to GROW nanolaminate structures, much like nature grows shell and bone.

Kevin Bullis MIT Technology Review indicates the Modumetal process can increase the strength of metals such as steel by as much as 10 times.

Nextbigfuture covered Modumetal back in February, 2015

Modumetal raised $33.5 million in funding that will go to increasing production and sales along with developing new uses for its metals.

The Modumetal process creates a metal that is grown layer-by-layer. The different ways to grow the layers creates variety in the metal’s properties and shape. Lomasney says to think about the resulting material like plywood, but the plies, or pieces, are created at the nanotech level.

The industry calls these layered metals “metal laminates,” and they’ve been around in the industry for a while. Lomasney’s breakthrough is using a chemical and electrical production process combined with nanotechnology to create the metal plywoods at a low cost, with low energy and with the ability to make the metal pieces in large volumes and with large pieces (think oil rig big).

Modumetal grows its metals using electricity and nanotechnology. Photo courtesy of Will Foster

Modumetal sees the corrosion-protected metals as its first big market. But there are many other possibilities that the company and its customers are interested in. For example, Modumetal has a joint venture with one of the largest U.S. sheet metal makers, Steel Dynamics, to come up with applications for an upgraded version of sheet metal in the future.

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