Starry using phased array technology to enable gigabit millimeter wireless internet

Starry is redefining how Internet should be: Wireless. Affordable. Remarkably fast. the startup Starry, announced it would bring gigabit-speed internet access to consumers, without data caps, at a price that is equal or less than your average broadband plan.

They have created the world’s first mmWave active phased array technology specifically for consumer Internet communications; the foundation for Starry Internet. Our system takes underutilized high-frequency spectrum and gives it new purpose. Using their proprietary technology, they are building a nationwide wireless broadband network capable of delivering maximum speeds of up to a gigabit of Internet service to your home.

Starry will launch the multi-gigabit internet service in Boston though other places could soon follow. Variety reported last week on FCC filings showing that Starry applied to test its service in 15 cities, including Seattle, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, and Washington, D.C.

Starry Station will retail at $349.99 and people will be able to reserve at until February 5. After February 5, Starry Station will be available for sale on and pre-order on through Amazon Launchpad (Amazon’s innovative program for startups). All orders will begin shipping in March 2016

The NYU Wireless project, a team of academics made a number of extensive measurements in a dense urban environment trying to emulate transmission for cellular type applications with millimeter waves, similar to those proposed by Starry. “We could serve people up to 200 meters away at high speeds, even without direct line of sight. It was quite remarkable.”

Starry is claiming its phased array technology can deliver a fast, reliable signal to homes up to 2 kilometers away. The greater the range, the fewer base stations are needed to reach a critical mass of customers.

Starry Station makes your existing DSL, cable, or fiber Internet service seem simple. By consciously learning about your home Internet health, Starry identifies potential problems and suggests ways to fix them. Starry Wi-Fi Station comes in handy for other things too, like finding out how many devices are online, what’s using the most data, and more. The only thing easier than using Starry? Setting it up. In a few simple steps, it’s ready to go.