Russian Terminator-3 BMPT is an Armata based tank with missiles instead of a main gun and Russian plans Armata vehicle versions that are robotic and unmanned

The Russian T-14 main battle tank is the most prominent member of the Armata family, the vehicle series incorporates a host of new fighting machines. A tank support fighting vehicle based on the Armata ground vehicle system is called the Terminator-3.

“Russia also plans to develop its tank support fighting vehicle dubbed the Terminator-3 on the basis of the country’s latest Armata tanks,” Oleg Sienko, said.

“We will [produce them].We have a concept for developing vehicles on the basis of the Armata platform,” Sienko said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Oleg Siyenko said that if ordered, a robotic Armata would not take long to make.

“Even the Armatas we showcased on Red Square last year can be refitted to become remote-controlled, to become robots,” Oleg Siyenko said.

BMPT Terminator at the 2009 Russian Expo Arms

At the moment, Uralvagonzavod produces both Terminator and Terminator-2 tank support fighting vehicles based on the chassis of the T-72 tank.

The BMPT is unofficially named the “Terminator” by the manufacturers. It is heavily armed and armored to survive in urban combat. This AFV is armed with four 9M120 Ataka missile launchers, two 30 mm 2A42 autocannons, two AG-17D grenade launchers, and one coaxial 7.62 mm PKTM machine gun. The BMPT’s powerful armaments allow it to engage virtually every enemy formation while operating in a common battle formation. Due to the multiple weapons systems found on the BMPT, this vehicle is able to fire at multiple targets simultaneously

Such vehicles can be used to destroy enemy tanks, infantry and other armored assets, according to company’s website.

The tank is three times cheaper than the [US-made] Abrams, [German-made] Leopard and [French-made] Leclerc.

A potentially closer comparison for the Armata based Terminator-3 might be the Israeli Namer — which is based on a Merkava 4 tank chassis — but the Russian machines are not designed to carry troops.

The idea of the tank support vehicle is a vehicle with the protection of a main battle tank, but which had the ability to engage enemy armor, bunkers and infantry in hiding in elevated positions. Indeed, every version of the Terminator built to date has the armor protection equivalent to — or better — than a main battle tank.
Generally speaking, the Russians employ BMTP vehicles alongside with their main battle tanks in the same unit in combat. On the open battlefield, there would normally be a pair of tanks accompanied by a BMTP.

The BMPT-72 Terminator-2 is heavily armed with four laser-guided Ataka-T anti-tank missiles, a pair of 30-millimeter 2A42 automatic cannons and a PKTM coaxial 7.62-millimeter machine gun. The previous version also had 30-millimeter grenade launchers — but those were deleted on the BMPT-72.

Thus, while there are no details available about the Terminator-3, one can infer that it will likely share its chassis, sensors, passive armor, reactive armor and active protection system with the T-14. It will also likely carry an armament that consists of modern anti-tank missiles and a heavy automatic cannon armament.

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